Workouts for a Smaller Waist

Almost everyone wants to have a good physique but unfortunately very few are willing to go through the painful process to achieve that body. It’s painful to some extent because there are a lot of things that you will need to sacrifice and these include your free time, that beef burgher you love and again physical exercise means some pain on those muscles and tendons. The worst of it all is the patience that is required for you to achieve your desired body. Therefore, getting a small waist won’t be like a walk in the park as it will take you your commitment, patience, time, persistence and other sacrifices named. Before you feel discouraged, just know other people have done it and you can do it too. You can do it!

Getting a smaller waist comes with many advantages. Once you achieve your waist goal, you will have boosted your confidence, health, and maybe your career for those who needed a trimmed waist for their jobs. For instance, if you want to become a model, you would be more confident facing an agent or audience when you have a good physique, and this includes having a trimmed waist. Did I say you will start wearing those outfits you have been admiring from far? Well, that is exactly what awaits you if you commit to your waist workouts. Do you think you weigh too much to lose any weight or shed some inches from your round belly? Well, here is the good news because it doesn’t matter where you start as long as you are willing to stick to your goal. You might take longer than your peers to get that trimmed waist, but eventually, you will get to it.

One crucial mistake that many people tend to do is getting involved in holistic exercise but never change their diet. According to Matt Biss, workout nutrition is a vital inclusion in every workout schedule since it has a substantial impact on your progress. This means that you will need a diet plan before you start working out, during the workout and after a workout. Someone may be wondering, how do you need a diet during your workout? 

It all depends on how long your work out session is, and if in this case, you have long sessions, you will need to fuel your body to continue exercising. I believe most people do not work out long enough to need intra-workout nutrition, but most people training for competition tend to work out for long sessions. Are you willing to train for long hours to achieve that small waist? If your answer is yes, work closely with a nutritionist to help you grab the right diet. 

Before you begin your work out for a trimmed waist, have a plan. They say that failing to plan is planning to fail. Work closely with your trainer if you have one and your nutritionist to prepare your work out plan. Your greatest task will be sticking to it. The plan should include the exercises you should do every day and diet practices you need to adopt. You can also have a time frame such as a four-weeks, 40 days, or even three months perfect waist challenge.

Now that you understand the basics of working out, its time I break out your work out plan for that perfect waist. But before that, you need to know and understand some dieting tips for your workout because as said earlier, it is crucial for better results.


• Do Not Do Away With Fats But Only Stick To Healthy Fats For Balancing Your Diet

Some people think that as long as you want to lose weight, have a flat stomach or a trimmed waist; then fats should not be part of your nutrition equation. But the fact is that you need some amounts of healthy fats in your body. The fats will not only equate to a balanced diet, but they also help in weight loss. Such fats include nuts, soybeans, avocados, seeds, chocolate, and omega-3 fatty acids, among others. 

• Eat Frequently But In Small Portions To Maintain Energy Levels

Stop being that dieter who starves himself in between meals only to take too much food in one meal. An expert nutritionist will tell you that eating small portions more frequently throughout the day is the secret to a successful weight loss plan. It also helps in maintaining energy levels throughout and therefore stabilize the level of blood sugars. Again, when you starve yourself for long, it is possible to find yourself overeating or eating less than required at the end of the day. 

• Eat Your Breakfast Like A King To Kick Start Metabolism

Stick to taking a heavy but healthy and balanced breakfast every day. It is one of the dieting practices recommended by most workout nutritionists. You will need this energy and prevent yourself from frequent snacking between morning and afternoon hours. We said that you could take small portions of food throughout the day, but this does not mean frequent snacking because you might find yourself taking too many calories. Meals should have good proportions of all the important nutrients in our bodies. A healthy breakfast will kick start metabolism and therefore help in burning more calories. 

• Fiber, Fiber, And More Fiber Equal To A Healthy Diet

You need to increase your intake of food rich in fiber since fiber is a crucial component of a healthy diet. Such foods will help you to stay full for long periods, thus prevent overeating, regulate bowel movements, thus minimize bloating and reduce calories intake since they tend to be low in calories. Now you know the reason why I had to mention fiber three times. 

• Processed Foods Cannot Be Part Of Your Diet Anymore

This is so easy; avoid all processed foods like the plague. I stated earlier that having a small waist will need a sacrifice here and there. Avoiding these foods is one of the sacrifices. If you continue taking them, sorry to say, but you might never achieve your waist goals because your efforts will always be affected by the intake of processed foods. 

These are some of the dieting tips you should incorporate in your waist workout plan because dieting and workout go hand in hand. However, the most significant dieting tip of all is your dedication and commitment to stick to the dieting plan. Achieving a smaller waist requires you to shed some weight, and you cannot lose weight by exercising alone; cutting some calories from your diet is part of the equation.


Now that you understand the importance of a diet plan and things to consider when preparing it, let us look at the work out exercises that will help you get a trimmed waist. Some of the workouts might require you to use some equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells or exercise balls, among others. If you cannot afford to buy or hire the gym equipment you need, it is advisable you look for a reliable and affordable gym membership. However, most waist workout will not require any equipment, and all you will need is a workout mat. 

One thing you need to know about the workout is that it is difficult to target weight loss on a specific part of the body, but some exercises are more effective for waist shaping. Without further ado, here are 11 workouts you should stick to for your nicely shaped waist. 

1. Russian Twist

The Russian twist is a workout that helps in strengthening your abdominal muscles and the core of your lower back. It will, therefore, tighten your obliques and abs, resulting in a trimmed waist. Your position before you can start the Russian twist is you sitting upright while your legs are bent on the knees. Starting twisting your torso left and right until you are done with the number of movements set for you. While twisting left and right, make sure your back remains straight throughout the exercise. For better results, make the movements faster.

2. Dumbbell Side Bend

dumbbell side bend is a workout routine that helps in tightening both your internal and external obliques. They will help in tightening the abs wall, which results in a perfect waist and curvier body. You will need to hold a dumbbell with one hand, stand tall, and hold the back of your head with the other hand. Start bedding to the side of the hand with a dumbbell and pause for a second. Keep repeating this motion until you are done with the set duration and then switch sides. Always face front and do not lean forward or backward when doing this exercise. Finally, go as far as you feel comfortable when bending sideways.

3. Bird Dog Crunch With A Dumbbell

Bird dog is an exercise that acts as a core shredder because it works on the muscles of the entire abdominal region. Using a dumbbell when doing this exercise will make it more effective for shaping your waist. Kneel with your left knee, stretch your right leg, hold a dumbbell with your left hand and stretch it forward, and use your right hand to support your body. You will then crunch with your left hand (the hand holding the dumbbell) and pull your right leg inwards. You can hold this crunch for a few seconds before returning to the initial position and make sure your abs are tightly contracted. Do the same for the other side and complete the set repeats for each side.

4. Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches engage your core muscles and will help in strengthening these muscles and slim your waist. The workout routines work greatly on your abs, and since your entire body is on the move constantly, it also improves flexibility, stability, and heart rate. To complete this workout, you will need to lay on your back, your hands behind your head, and your shoulders slightly lifted from the ground without hurting your neck. Now crunch your left shoulder and your right leg until your elbow touches the knee while your left leg is still on the ground. Do the same with the other side and keep alternating the movement. Avoid rotating your hip or straining your neck during the crunches. 

5. Heel Touches

When you do a heel touch on both sides, you are working out both your obliques and abs muscles, resulting in a trimmed waist. All you need to do is lay on your back, bend your knees, and place your hand sideways without touching the ground. Rotate your abs to help you touch your left foot with your left hand and rotate to the other side to do the same with the right hand. Keep alternating the movement until you reach the set duration. Your shoulder ought to be slightly raised from the ground for this movement to continue smoothly.

6. Normal Plank

Plank is a workout that can help in strengthening your inner core, and this means your entire abdominal area and pelvic floor, resulting in a flat belly and trimmed waist. You will need to start by lifting your body facing the ground whereby you position your forearms on the floor to support your body and your legs touching the ground from the tip of your toes. You must maintain a straight line from the top of your head to your heels. Finally, tighten your abs and hold it there for a few seconds or a minute depending on how long you can comfortably go. Avoid looking up or forward when doing a prank because it will end up straining your neck. Keep facing the floor.

7. Plank Elbow Push-Up

This workout is very good for toning your upper body, and this includes your waist. If your upper body is in good shape, then you have an overall great body shape. Start by being on the plank position and then push-up your body while straightening your arms. Pause for a second on this position before going back to your initial plank position. Keep repeating this movement until you reach your target repeats. When doing this exercise, ensure that your abs are tightly contracted. 

8. Plank Hip Dip

A plank hip dip is one of the workouts that you cannot miss when you want a perfect waistline. It has been proven to carve out waistlines, and the good thing is that it is an easy exercise. You will need to start from a plank position and then start rotating your right hip on the right side to almost touching the ground and then get back to the plank position. Rotate the left hip towards the left side as well and get back to the initial position to complete one hip dip rotation. Repeat the same several times, and you can do it slowly or faster but not very fast to avoid hurting your spine. 

9. Side Plank Hip Lifts

Like other plank variations, side plank hip lift will help to strengthen the core and tone your abs and oblique muscles to give you a trimmed waist. The workout can also help in creating tension and maintain flexibility and stability when on the move. You can start from a plank position but then let go the left side, whereby you are left facing sideways, and your body still lifted up. Your body need remain straight, your legs stacked on top of each other and your left hand holding your right hip. Start lowering your hip slowly down and slightly touch the ground before coming back to the initial position. Repeats your target reps for this workout and then switch sides. 

10. Jumping Oblique Twist

This workout engages the calves, lower back, abs, and obliques, and by the end of the day, you will gain your desired body shape, including a defined waistline. To complete the Jumping oblique twist, you will need to start by standing with your feet together, lift your hands to the shoulder level, and then curve them to touch each other in front of you. Start jumping slighting up the ground while rotating your feet right and left side. While doing this, keep your upper body facing forward. Repeat this motion until you reach the desired number of times. 

11. Flat Crunch Using A Dumbbell

This exercise works well for the entire abdominal area and to make it more effective, try using a dumbbell. The dumbbell adds some resistance that is very beneficial to the toning of the obliques. You will need to lay flat on your back and straighten your legs while your hands hold the dumbbell at the back of your head. Start crunching by bringing your knees inwards and the weight of the dumbbell over your head. Pause for few seconds and then get back to your initial position. Repeat that movement until you meet the desired number of reps.

These are some of the most effective waist workouts, and while it is good to concentrate with them for best waist results, there are other complementary workouts that you should consider. These workouts will shape other parts of the body, but at the end of the day reflect on your waistline. Here is a list of some of these workouts and additional tips for your workout.

• Cardio After And Before A Workout

Before starting your workout, do a 10 minutes cardio exercises to prepare your body and keep you spirited to continue. Also, do a 10 minutes cardio after a workout even if your core is screaming for help. The after-cardio helps in increasing your heart rate, and you will leave your gym a happy person. Cardio exercises may include rope skipping, jumping, running, jogging, or cycling, among others. 

• Workout For Your Chest And Shoulders

Go for those exercises that can help build your shoulders and chest because when they are in perfect shape, it will give an illusion of a curvier body and trimmed waist. Such exercises include bench dips and push-ups, among others. They provide complementary results for your waistline. 

• Hip And Butt Workouts

People who have bigger hips and butts tend to have a well-defined waistline. The waist actually looks smaller. If you need to increase any of these, go for the workouts that can help such as squats and the results will also reflect on your waist. 

• Stick To Your Exercise Routin

This may sound obvious, but I believe telling it to you again shows how important it is to commit to your exercise plan. It is the only way that you are going to get that perfect waistline. You can have a good workout plan, best trainer and all the equipment you need but if you do not dedicate your efforts on the plan, then your dream waist will remain to be just a dream.

• Take A Lot Of Water

This is another tip that may sound obvious, but well here it is. Water is very important in everything you do and more when working out. Ask your nutritionist the amount of water you should take per day based on your current weight or based on the exercises you will be doing every day. Either way, even if you do not have a nutritionist, Healthline says that you should take at least two liters of water per day.

Final Thoughts

Did it sound hard at first to achieve that perfect waistline? All the tips and workouts you find in this article are everything you need to know before you can start your workout, and you will, for sure, have that perfect waist at the end. The exercises are very simple, most of them do not require any gym equipment, and this means that you can do most of these exercises at home if you cannot afford a gym membership. However, follow the right steps with every workout to avoid causing harm to your body. 

Most people concentrate on working out without checking their diet, but now you know the importance of having a healthier diet plan and sticking to it. A healthy diet means one with perfect proportions of nutrients required by your body to keep going. It is a matter of understanding your workout goal and doing anything that is there to help you achieve that goal. This includes letting go of those foods that only adds unhealthy weight to your body. According to NIH, it will be hard to lose weight when you are burning fewer calories than what you are taking in.

Finally, it was said earlier that it is hard to target one specific part of the body but do not feel bad about it yet. When other parts of the body get into perfect shape, your entire body will be in shape, and this includes your waistline. Exercising is a holistic therapy that not only results in a good physique but also to an all-rounded healthier person. Before I forget, choose workouts that work well with your body to avoid straining too much. As long as you stick to your routine, make sure you are comfortable when working out. 

This piece is very important for your overall body but mostly for your waist. Once you commit to the tips and workouts recommended, you will not hesitate to show off the beach body that comes at the end. Go ahead and start your commitment today. Good luck!! 

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